😜 5k training tips👍 Newbie 101

In order to effectively run a 5k you have to be dedicated, motivated and persistent. Find the plan that best fits you and run with it. (Literally) for the next few weeks you have to stay blogged to this training session because each week will give you your next weeks schedule. First and foremost before you decide to throw on your shoes and clothes you have to know what to even wear so you can run comfortable and avoid injury. There Is nothing far more worse in the world than coming back from an
Injury. So most important shoes … Least important clothes.. So I am located in Northwest Indiana and I recommend Fleet Feet in Schereville, Indiana. Their staff is not only the most friendliest people EVER but the most knowledgeable people that will put you in the right shoe. From arch support to pronation, over pronation to shin splints to PF (I hate PF) they are your people!!! Even though we all
Like Nike (swoosh) it’s in my opinion not really a good running shoe. Asics (#1choice), brooks, saucony there are so many but broaden your selections! Tell them what your issues are with shoes and let them see your kicks and they will easily help you find the right pair. Just like tires when the tread is a fading it’s time to replace them. Now least important clothing…. I regardless what your situation is ALWAYS wear running polyester socks. I buy mine at target or sports stores and from
Time to time Fleet Feet has them. My all time sick recommendation Is injinji but the other brands I get work just peachy!! Never run in cotton socks big no no … Causes blisters and traps moisture creates athletes feet and so one so just stay away from the cotton. Lastly the clothes … Once you are dedicated and decide you love running you wanna buy yourself some polyester running clothes. Cotton again absorbs the sweat and creates yellow stains were the polyester dribbles off… Little warmer but it’s ok…. Get yourself a watch… I have a Garmin Forerunner Highly recommend. gPS and tracks the miles and uploads your run to your online profile. If you can’t manage to get all this at first don’t…. Just make sure you get good shoes before anything!!! The other perks can wait!! Ok so we talked about the very beginning now let’s stay tuned for your first week expectations and “how to eat for energy ” !!! After my a.m run I will post week 1!!! #running #runner #run #fitness #runnergirl #cardio #exercise #fit #train #crossfit


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