I guess I’m a little late on old trends….

So with all my recent down time I’ve decided to add reading in between my runs, cycling, and yoga. So I was watching lifetime while folding laundry and seen this preview for a movie named “Flowers in the attic” that looked pretty interesting so I decided to watch it. In the beginning I was losing interest but towards the middle I was like OMG what is going to happen next. I tell all my friends and co-workers about this movie and everyone was like HELLO that was so high school. WELL in high school I was too busy studying so I could never get involved and in college I really was studying so my life was my books. Has anyone else ever had a recent dilemma where they all of a sudden found something catchy and people are criticizing you because it’s “OLD”. Well needless to say I haven’t been able to put her books down. I went to the library to rent them all LOL and just love the mystery of it. Downloaded and audio book to my iPod and while running listened to it and found myself not wanting to stop running. I don’t know I could go rambling on for hours but, I just was curious as to what kind of late “fad” have you just recently discovered because apparently I’m like 10 years late to be a VC Andrews fan… 😜

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