Do I have to go back ? 😞

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my job it’s just that teaser outside during this nice warm weather that makes you wanna question WHY you have to go back inside? The benches, the breeze, the warm rays and yes that fountain. Any who while reading my “Seeds of Yesterday” and sipping on a watermelon-cherry smoothie I can’t help but whine like a 5 year old inside, which by the way is very distracting from a plot that is thickening …. Or is it? My 45 minutes are up and it’s time to go back …. Tonight’s running venture will include me running past my limit… My goal in life is to run a marathon. Yes, I am a runner but I have never done one and in training as of now but as long as I keep taking these 45 minute breaks by this fountain I can relax and travel deep Into thought and meditate from the world… Perhaps I can use this as a tool while running my first marathon to pass time but for now my biggest question is “Do I have to go back?”


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