Guess who’s back!!

Haven’t blogged in a while with the holiday season just kicking off and my attention being pulled in each and every direction I need some me time! First off I am ready and excited to start training for my first marathon in 2015. Last year had a surgical setback but nothing is stopping me this year! Started to get a little more into the religious scene. While I have always been what you would call a “closet” believer of the catholic faith something is calling me towards it. Weird, huh? I know my grandmother would be very proud. Took the kids to the blessing of the manger Saturday in which the priest was 1/2 hour late… Thank god (lol) for warm winter weather in Chicago that day. Grabbed a new hobby …. Drum roll….. Crocheting! Lol … Total homebody I guess at 32 … So TMNT and Hello Kitty scarf project in full effect … Stay tuned … As far as books I picked up Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl” . I heard its a good one but we’ll see for that too. Far as running Im doing an average of 24 to 36 miles per week and I definitely need to pick up the pace my 10:34 per mile is not cutting it for me … I want more…. So where are you at with yourself today? What are your running goals for 2015? #MarathonBound


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