Chicago Marathon Training Week 11

We are on week 11!! So how is everything going for you? This weekend was my 15 mile long run and I thought I was going to die at mile 14. My legs got weak, my back started to give in and .89 miles to 15 seemed like it took forever. I felt like that police officer in the movie “Sandlot” kept on saying “F-o-r-e-v-e-r” So with that said how is everyone’s training coming along ? Any tips, tricks or things you could of done different ? This weekend is 16 miles and I’m thinking of trying a new running scene ….. What is your favorite spot?   

3 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 11

  1. Im on week 12 of mine with 4 weeks to go! Stay focussed! Will be tracking your progress. Stay focussed! Check out my blog and follow if you could? Thanks!

    1. Thank you Ben!! I am now following your blog ! Good luck on your marathon in 4 weeks !! This will be my first one !!

  2. irunnegativesplits August 18, 2015 — 6:03 am

    Ben is correct, stay focused, mix it up. Being your first Chicago, you’ll freaking love it, the adrenaline alone will pull you through some tough miles. Let me know when you have your first 20, for some inspiration!!! Good luck. I’ll see you in Chicago!

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