19.5 miles to Chicago ! 

Today was a great day!! Infamous day to run 20 miles however mine was cut short .50 miles because of my GPS signal because I ran the 10 miles then turned around and re-ran the same exact route back home …. I’m thinking it was the lakefront signal messing it up. Finished in 4 hours !! Can I get an AMEN!!! 

So a lot of great things this weekend. I signed up for a weight loss challenge in which the winner gets the jackpot which is at $125 now so I’m excited it starts tomorrow and ends October 21st. Second I feel I am just about ready to run Chicago October 11th…. Let’s just pray it stays that way. Lastly I purchased The infamous Piyo and 21 day fix! No I’m not a coach or selling it but I am a Beachbody junkie! I love how you can just do it in your own home and get good results from it. T25 helped me a lot during marathon training. Good food and exercise can go along way!

So what’s good with everyone else? Ow was your weekend?

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