Stock vs Broth 

STOCK VS BROTH …. Which is healthier ? 
Every great soup starts with a stock, or a broth. While colloquially we might use the terms stock and broth interchangeability, there’s a technical difference between the two. Stock is made using bones. Broth is usually not. Therefore, the term “bone broth” is not correct.
Regardless of the terminology, when bones are used in preparation of stock, they add a rich and strong layer of flavors. To get the best out of the bones, stock is usually simmered for much longer than broth, sometimes over 24 hours when beef bones are used!
If you’re buying a prepared broth or stock, read the labels carefully. The distinction in many cases does not exist.  Since broth is less flavorful, it may contain additives such as MSG and flavor concentrates.
You should seek a low sodium option, as you can always add more salt at home.
Bonus: Chicken Broth Recipe 
DIY chicken stock is easier than you think. Here’s a simple recipe that will yield about 12 cups of stock.


 • 1 whole chicken (rinsed, patted dry, and then separated)


 • 2 cups roughly chopped onion (no need to peel)


 • 1 cup chopped carrot


 • 1/2 cup chopped celery


 • 1 pinch dried thyme


 • 1 bay leaf (optional)


 • 10 peppercorns (optional)


 • 1 teaspoon salt


 • 14 cups of water (3 1/2 quarts)


 Combine all ingredients in stock pot and add water.

 Bring to a boil on high heat.

 Remove scum floating on top.

 Simmer on low heat until the chicken is done (about 40 minutes) or up to 6 hours (for more flavor).

      Strain into a large bowl and press on vegetables to squeeze as much liquid out as you can.

 Refrigerate overnight so that you can remove the fat which will harden at the surface of the liquid.

1. If you’re making stock for future use, there’s still stuff to do with the leftover chicken meat. You can make chicken salad, stir fry or sandwiches.

2. Freeze excess stock in ice cube trays, small plastic containers or glass jars and add to rice dishes, stir fry or pasta sauce.

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