Protein packed energy bar ! 🙌🏻

Finally perfected a #protein packed energy bar!!!!

Like for real how many recipes and products have you seriously gone through before you finally hit that perfect match?!? I know I have …….

What I mean by perfect match I mean like not only fits your taste buds but most importantly fits your nutritional intake needs right …….

This- is- the- one…. stay tuned this week for the VLOG recipe while I make it ….simple, super yummers and not to mention healthy …..

This is a runners dream bar I promise ….

Follow my #fitness #blog for the live #vlog on how to make it this week!! Also ➡️ join our #FB private group @EnviousTrendsGroupFitness for group #motivation #inspiration and #workouts

2 thoughts on “Protein packed energy bar ! 🙌🏻

  1. In india we call it panjiri… Often its given after operation for faster recovery… Good work dear…

    Visit my blog

    1. Omg yes!! I have had that… the area I live we have a lot of physicians who come from india and run with my group and one time one of our doctors made it for me when I was feeling like the flu was ready to take over my system and it picked me back up within 48 hrs 🙌🏻

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