❤Spaniard ❤German ❤Irish ❤ Mother-Wife❤ Zumba Instructor❤ Nutrition, Weight Loss, Energy and Sports Programs Consultant❤ Skincare Consultant ❤ CPR-Instructor ❤Honey Stinger Addict❤ ❤Garmin/Fitbit Watch Loving ❤ Marathon Runner-Girl with a new found extreme passion for weight loss, exercise, health, fitness, and skincare ❤ Not to long ago I was like many and could barely run a block, with heavy motivation and inspiration  I can do 5K’s in my sleep. I hope to inspire and help motivate one just as much as I was motivated.❤ My journey on opening an fitness gym will hopefully come true in the next year ❤ Sit back,Relax and Stay Tuned…. And remember “5k a day keeps the doctor away” stay healthy my friends!!!


1) 5k goal ✔
2) Half-marathon goal-✔
3) Marathon goal- ✔

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